International Operations
Markfed has grown out of its regional character and emerged as a distinct export entity. The SOHNA is an established brand name worldwide and is liked by consumers for its taste and quality. SOHNA exude the love for authentic north Indian food through rich diverse culinary delicacies. Be it the Sarson-ka-Saag, Kari Pakora, Dal Makhani, Rajmah, Tarka Dal, Pickles, Murabbas, Wheat Flour (Atta) from the field of Punjab, our palatable foods will definitely take a trip down the memory lanes of India
For adventurous eaters; it is the vibrant rustic hues, rich aromas and the zesty flavors of Punjabi food that cause them to fall in love with this spice-laced cuisine over and over again.
Ready to Eat Canned Processed foodsA delicacy on foreign shores
About 2.5 million cans of Ready to eat delicacies containing farm fresh Sarson Ka Saag, Chatpta Chana, Rich Creamy Dal Makhni and other delicious Punjabi delicacies & other Indian vegetable curries are exported around the world.