Sohna Cooking Medium

Markfed brings you pure and healthy range of cooking oils

Sohna Refined Oils compliments good health and keep your vascular system intact and it happens to be preferred cooking medium for many households. The range of Edible refined oils & Vanaspati includes Soyabean oil, Cotton Seed oil, Sun Flower oil, Rice Bran Oil &Canola Oil .

Packaging available : 1 ltr, 2 ltr, 5 ltr, 15 ltr

Sohna’s range of refined oils

Sohna Refined Sun flower oil

Sohna Refined Soyabean oil

Sohna Cottenseed oil

Sohna Rice Bran oil

Sohna Mustard Oil

Sohna Mustard Oil available in both Kachi and Pakki Ghani maintains the essentials of good taste to leave the lingering flavor of choices and its is really good for Heart. An established cooking medium. Packaging available : 1 ltr, 2 ltr, 5 ltr, 15 ltr

Sohna Refined Canola Oil

Sohna Refined Canola Oil Direct from the Farms of Canada, Markfed brings you healthiest Canola Oil

Sohna Vanaspati

Sohna Vanaspati enriched with Vitamins A, D& Til (sesame) Oil is one of the oldest brand of Vanaspati Ghee. It promises the combination of health and great taste. Purity is the key commitment of Markfed.

Packaging available : 1 ltr, 2 ltr, 5 ltr, 15 ltr/ 15 Kg

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