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Markfed Punjab

Markfed’s Board of Directors

Name Designation Phone (O) Phone (R) Residence Address
S. Jarnail Singh Wahid —— 0172-2600756   Wahid Villa, Hoshiarpur Road, Phagwara. Distt. Kapurthala
S. Gurkirat Kirpal Singh, IAS Managing Director 0172-2607812   Punjab Markfed, Chandigarh
S. Malook Singh Director   ———- ———————–
S. Sandeep Singh Director   ———— ———————————–
S Sarvjeet Singh Director ————   —————————-
S. Nishan Singh Director ————–   ——————————
S. Baldev Singh Director ———————   ————————————-
S. Raghvir Singh Director —————-   ————————————-
S. Gurchet Singh Director 9815569069   VPO Bargari, Teh. Jaitu, Distt. Faridkot
S. Gursant Singh Director ————–   ——————————
S. Gurmit Singh Director —————–   —————————————-
S. Daljinderbir Singh Director —————– —————————————-
S. Sukhchain Singh Director —————– —————————————-